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Forms and packages are customizable at the building and package type level. With inheritance and version control there is complete control over modification deployment.

Meet Board & Landlord Requirements

Each building may have specific requirements. With ApplyPort forms and application packages can be developed that meet the specific requirements of Board Members & Landlords.


256 SSL encryption, encryption of all uploaded documents, password protected downloads, user authentication and optional 2 step verification, encryption of all database entries and a state of the art data center.

Personal Information is Safe

When applicants prepare an application using ApplyPort they can be confident that their personal and financial information will be safe and protected from unauthorized access.

24/7 Access

ApplyPort is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Applications can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and all that is needed is a web browser and internet access.

Brings Parties Together

ApplyPort brings all parties together onto the ApplyPort Portal. Applicants, owners, brokers and attorneys can access an application simultaneously from anywhere, anytime. No more sending hard copy documents by courier for completion and signatures.

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Onlinebuildings has been developing web-based applications for the real estate industry since 1999. Our most recent offering, ApplyPort, is a fully integrated online application system that offers residential management companies and the buildings they manage a customizable and secure solution for the creation of any type of application including Purchase, Lease, Sublease, Refinance, Transfer, Sponsor and Rental Applications.

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Developing web based applications for the real estate industry since 1999!

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